Recommend The 6 Best Antique Furniture Stores For You!

Recommend The 6 Best Antique Furniture Stores For You!

The new furniture in a room is always less traced by the age, and has a sense of antique design. So what I want to share today is to :Recommend the 6 best antique furniture stores for you!

Recommend The 6 Best Antique Furniture Stores For You!

1, AGE HOME | Danish Swedish medieval furniture. The name of the owner is Xiaobai. It has been learning furniture design since childhood, and during the study it was particularly interested in the modern furniture home design that has risen in Northern Europe in the last century. Because the furniture of that era was transformed from the classical furniture period, it is a period of furniture design and production. The furniture not only pays attention to the beauty, but also the functionalization has received a great attention. The ergonomics, the use of new materials, and the modern production process are all There was a big breakthrough in that period. The AGE homepage started in 2014, because Xiaobai met his current partner Klas. As a Swede, Klas grew up in a country that respected and respected design, so when they talked about the Nordic furniture that has led the concept of contemporary living, it was decided to open a shop specializing in the sale of Nordic classic furniture. Products from Denmark, Sweden, the modern furniture products produced during the 1930s-70s range from the famous Nordic furniture design masters, to the Nordic classic home style practical furniture, and some household items related to the Nordic daily life. . These furniture are mainly imported to the country via Sweden. Because Klass is a Swede, the time conditions for selecting goods are relatively abundant, so it is mainly bought by the three major auction houses in Sweden. This will not only give you enough time to choose the furniture you like, but also guarantee the origin and appearance of the best antique furniture. Compared with many domestic Nordic-style antique furniture stores, Xiaobai believes that his own characteristics are to maximize the faithfulness of the Nordic retro style. At present, many antique furniture stores are mixed with industrial style, and AGE HOME has always insisted on the restoration of the Nordic elements of the pure period in the country, so the use of a large number of colors, the color of the space is bright and bright, and the atmosphere is also more The home has not been made into a style that is very contemporary and calm.

2, the family of things | The German grocery store owner, Miss Zhu, was influenced by her sister who moved to Germany. She started to make a lot of Western antique furniture 17 years ago. Now the shop is located in a beautiful place in Xishan, Beijing. She said that people who like antique furniture are very special people. Most of them are engaged in non-traditional industries, they are knowledgeable, experienced, and have a good educational background. Therefore, when selling goods, she rarely recommends the guests. Because she thinks that the guests in the store are very powerful, they know a lot of things. When each guest chooses something, how to use this thing, how to install it is already clear. Miss Zhu’s goods are mainly from Germany. Her selection criteria and other shopkeepers start differently according to their own preferences. She insists on not picking goods according to their own preferences. The so-called department store welcomes 100 customers, as long as it is good-looking, fun, and good.

3, Than Shwe Vientiane | Lu Yanlin, the founder of European classical furniture Tanrui Vientiane, had six years of experience in the art design work of advertising companies. In 2003, when he was decorating his home, he bought several pieces of antique furniture that he thought was the best in Gaobeidian Ancient Furniture Street. It is because the decoration effect at home is not bad, which has sparked interest in home design. I thought it would be better to try to open a store. The store is full of old furniture and accessories from Europe. Because the store is very large, all kinds of styles, including the Nordic furniture of the Nordic 50s – 70s, accounting for 70%, also from Italy, Britain, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, 50-70s, It is also modern furniture after World War II, called MID 20th Century. At the same time, there are some European ARTDECO furniture and classical furniture, British early 20th century Edwardian furniture, Louis XVI style furniture. The owner admits that antique furniture has always been a niche customer, but the base in China is relatively large. Most of them are artists, entrepreneurs, designers, and young artists in the arts and crafts. In short, they are people who understand the aesthetics of life and have requirements for the quality of life.

The above is today’s <recommendation for the 6 best antique furniture stores for you! > All the content, I hope that you can use the best antique furniture for unique antique home decora, give your home another style.

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