How To Renovate Antique Furniture? How To Make Wooden Antique Furniture Renovation paint?

How To Renovate Antique Furniture? How To Make Wooden Antique Furniture Renovation paint?

With the loss of years, both people and things inevitably go to aging, and the old furniture in the home is inevitably in the erosion of many years, and gradually no longer the style of the past. Today, I will share with you how antique furniture can be refurbished?

How To Renovate Antique Furniture? How To Make Wooden Antique Furniture Renovation paint?
  1. Open the package. Observe the structure and carefully disassemble to maintain the integrity of the entire piece of furniture. First of all, it is necessary to carefully observe the structure of antique furniture and make serial numbers for later installation. The furniture is disassembled in the reverse order of assembly with the original furniture. Maintain the integrity of the furniture and avoid damage to the paint film and cause new damage. Try to avoid using a planer. Some of the old folk furniture used to produce structure and technology is special, commonly known as “homeless life”, leading to irreversible disassembly, which is not removed as much as possible and remains unchanged.
    2, clean. Remove dust and dirt. Use a high power blower to blow air. Do not wipe with a damp cloth. If you are observing the parts yourself, wipe them with a damp cloth to avoid unpredictable damage. Adhesives such as grout, asphalt, chemical paints and other modern waste are sometimes applied to the parts. Try not to use chemical removal and physically remove them, such as fine scrapers and sanding.
    3, painting (except for old ones). It is usually lightly sanded with fine sandpaper and scraped off the hard part with a knife. When you draw, you can’t destroy the original engraving. For example, after prolonged natural weathering, the “one musk” leg that is common in the legs of old furniture in the case is very fragile. Once worn, unless it changes line, it will become permanent damage, no matter how it is repaired, it will not come back.
    4, ingredients. Depending on the processing requirements and the durability of each piece of old furniture, the refurbishment components require no cracks, no knots, no rotation.
    5, polishing. Antique furniture lacquers can be directly polished with an angle grinder. The thick painted surface needs to be polished with a blowtorch to varnish the finish; the thin paint can be transferred directly to the scraper workshop and treated with a spatula. The requirements for grinding are various components. White in place, no dead ends, no paint, oil and consistency.
    Natural wood texture and texture are the most striking simplicity. Grinding and removing burrs on the surface of the wood is a natural “sticking” effect. Pulping means that after a long period of use of high quality wood, a warm jade-like light is formed on the surface. The brighter it is, the trace of this era is called patina.
    The best antique furniture is the need to wax on the surface, such as cypress and eucalyptus. After polishing, it will be waxed. It takes a long time to get a “pouch” and the surface is no worse than hardwood furniture.
    6, assembly. The assembly requires the use of special rubber powder, assembled according to the original structure, the crucible structure is tight, and the frame is diagonally symmetrical. The entire piece of antique furniture is powder-free and has four feet.
    7, do paint or sputum. The painted surface is not simply painted, but the original painted surface is retained as much as possible, and most of the old folk wooden furniture with clear water color can be waxed. This is unique in the restoration of ancient folk furniture. Also need to renovate the paint. Under normal conditions, four to five coats of paint must be applied after the first coat. The first two colors, enamel and lacquer, require a total of eight to ten roads. The number of passes of the paint can be appropriately reduced. The paint film also needs to be polished, and the best effect is to wipe the hair repeatedly. The general requirement for a lacquer finish is to leave no dead ends, no oil and a uniform color.
How To Renovate Antique Furniture? How To Make Wooden Antique Furniture Renovation paint?

The above is the knowledge of antique furniture care shared with you today, I hope to help you!

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