Demystifying The Maintenance Of Antique Home Decor Furniture

Demystifying The Maintenance Of Antique Home Decor Furniture

Many people have a hobby of collecting antiques. I don’t know how much you know about the maintenance of antique home decor furniture . Share the maintenance methods of antique home decor furniture, I hope everyone can use:

Demystifying The Maintenance Of Antique Home  Decor Furniture
  1. Be waterproof and anti-dry. For example, no matter whether the weather is hot or cold, you should put a cloth under the cup and wipe it off immediately. Usually, as long as it is used normally, you don’t have to worry too much. In an overly dry room with heating in winter, it is best to use a humidifier at the same time so that the furniture can crack the office screen.

2, always waxing clean no matter whether hardwood or cork can be directly exposed to the sun or wipe with a damp cloth. Because long-term exposure to sunlight can cause cracking and fading of wood, wet cloth is easy to get stained with antique sand and cause the surface of the furniture to wear out. Even if the carving is worn away, the office screen is regrettable! When cleaning, it is best to use a bristle brush to gently remove the dust, then wipe it with a dry cloth until it is completely dust-free. The carved part can be brushed with a brush, and then the water wax, bright wax, beeswax, etc. are selected according to the material. Wax for maintenance. When waxing, it should be waxed with a clean cotton cloth, gently applied by light and heavy, and then gradually pushed away from the point until the wax is stably attached to the wax, and the wood grain is clearly visible, usually every six months. Wax once. Since antiques are usually covered with a layer of clear lacquer to isolate the air, thick wax oil is not good for furniture, but dusting is the best habit of office screens.

3, pay attention to soft and hard, in general, the antique furniture that consumers have bought should have been professionally restored by the master of the restoration of the master, plus the precious antique furniture, once handled improperly may cause back to the sky, so the proposal is too complicated The maintenance work is still handed over to professionals. Therefore, the main treatment in the home is the daily cleaning, waxing and other work.

 Because antique furniture is the largest of wood, the wood material can be divided into softwood and hardwood. After most of the wooden furniture is painted, the cork furniture will be protected by a layer of paint. As for the hardwood furniture, only the above wax is used for maintenance, and the wood has its beautiful textured office screen.

Demystifying The Maintenance Of Antique Home  Decor Furniture

The above is the maintenance knowledge of antique home decorbrought to you today, we will continue to bring you the best knowledge of antique furniture, please continue to pay attention!

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